Protecting your present.
Investing in your future.

We’re a leading allCanadian financial services cooperative deeply invested in helping Canadians build and grow their financial strength and security.

We offer multiline insurance and investment products, services, and advice personalized to your unique needs.

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We are

Client driven

Our unique cooperative heritage and communitybased values shape our client relationships. Your experience with us will always be intimate, accessible, and judgementfree. Our advice and business decisions will always be informed by your needs.

Future forward

We account for your current needs, and actively anticipate and plan for your emerging needs, whether riskprevention or growth.


We offer industryleading expertise combined with an empathetic understanding of where you’re coming from, because we’re part of your community.

We offer

Strategic and accessible financial products, solutions, and advice that put you first.

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We care

We believe the world is a better place when we take care of the things that matter. As a cooperative and holistic investment planning and insurance company, we know together we are stronger, safer, more resilient.

We do that by actively supporting financial literacy, mental health, flood safety, and sustainability.

4.2% of our pretax profits go to charities

Designated a Caring Company by Imagine Canada, we have contributed 4.2% of our pretax profits to charities, nonprofits and cooperatives.